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2008-10-03 19:21:04 by Ajgajg

Cool! I made a blog where essentially I speak my mind and review books I read and Video games I play.
Check it out at:

Website & New Program

2008-09-19 15:29:40 by Ajgajg

So i'm not really sure yet, but I think me and my buddy are going to make a web site. Right now I'm working on an animated banner and some other stuff to post on it. Obviously it's not up yet, but hopefully it will be soon. I'm going to try out FL Studio. I used it once before in a Music Tech class, but only like once. Everyone says it's soo great and Sonar doesn't have the best sound.


2008-09-08 17:12:20 by Ajgajg

Well I started writing a new song, it doesn't have a name yet, but it's something sad that would sound good in an animation with a sad part (*DUH*) A lot of piano right now. only like 15 seconds long so far and its got an AWESOME chord progression. well, that's all folks!

I posted my first good movie on newgrounds and I hope it makes it through judgment!
Watch it by clicking it below.
It's titled "My Land"

I posted a my first movie that was good!


2008-08-15 20:54:16 by Ajgajg

I wrote a new song and posted it.
Have a listen!


2008-05-31 09:43:38 by Ajgajg

Posted a new song called Brain Storm Take a listen please.


2008-05-30 16:26:05 by Ajgajg

Working on a new song its awesome so far, but lets hope it ends up better or the same.
Starting to work with a lot of synth I LOVE synth!!!


2008-05-29 17:31:29 by Ajgajg

I added another of my songs please listen to it


2008-05-28 17:36:02 by Ajgajg

Finally my audio is up!! YAY!!
Please listen to it

still in moderator approval

2008-05-23 20:09:32 by Ajgajg

I'm still waiting...